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Why are My Pipes So Noisy?

Why are My Pipes So Noisy?

Noisy pipes are a pain!

They live in your walls and sometimes make creepy noises, what are they? Nope, not Casper and his crew and not any creepy crawlers either. It’s just your pipes. They’re an important part of your home plumbing, carrying water where you need it most, but sometimes they do make some weird noises. Here are the three most common reasons why.

Loose Support

If your pipes are rattling and shaking as the water runs through them, they can make a lot of noise. The most common cause of this is that some of the mounts and fitting – the hardware that supports the pipes and holds them in place or the pieces that join sections of pipe – are loose. Loose mounts could be anywhere but loose fittings are especially common on corners and at T junctions. You should inspect these carefully if you’re having a lot of rattling. A loose fitting could eventually become a leak and a flood and you don’t want that behind your walls.


If your pipes are doing more banging than rattling, like they’re doing construction, the culprit may be water hammer. The cause of water hammer is actually not the pipes that carry the water, it’s the vent pipe that sticks out through your roof. Its job is to let air in, dispelling the vacuum that’s sometimes created by the moving water. When it’s blocked, you get the banging of the water hammer. You can try fixing this yourself: turn off the main water supply and then turn on the highest faucet (the one furthest from the water supply); then, turn on the lowest faucet (the one closest to your sewer line); wait for the water to stop flowing; close the lowest faucet and turn the main water back on; finally, wait for water to come out of the highest faucet again. If this doesn’t ease the banging, call for a professional evaluation.


High water pressure can also cause a banging and a rattling in your pipes, especially when you open or close a tap. Because the water has so much pressure, it flows very fast through your pipes and the fast starting and stopping causes the sound. Getting a pressure regulator or a reduction valve installed could help slow the speed of the water and reduce the pressure. Not only will this ease the noise, but it will also put less strain on your pipes and any appliances that have a water supply, like your fridge.


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