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When Is It Time To Invest In Sewer Line Replacement

Having plumbing issues in your home is never a fun experience, whether it is your first time owning a home or you’ve had it for decades. Plumbing disasters are stressful, messy, and generally awful. You’re lucky if your plumbing issue is relatively mundane and straightforward, like a dishwasher that won’t drain or a clogged drain. Some of the worst plumbing issues usually involve the sewer line, which can be both disgusting and expensive. Read on for some of the significant signs that it might be time to go ahead and invest in a sewer line replacement.


Watch out for these sewer line problems!

Obvious Sewer Issues

If you have many issues that you feel are related to your sewer line, you know that it is probably time for you to invest in a sewer line replacement. This is an investment because of the expense and the time it takes. But repeated issues with sewage overflow or leaks, backups, the smell of sewage, and soggy stench in your yard also have their own cost. Also, if you’re having ongoing issues that cause damage to your home, your homeowners’ insurance may cover the line replacement if it is done in tandem with the restoration of the damage. 

Weird Water Issues

Weird water issues may also indicate that you need a sewer line replacement. These include things like multiple fixtures all backing up at the same time. Or if your bathtub backs up every time your washer drains, even if the bathtub isn’t being used, that is a weird water issue. These things point to a main sewer line issue or clog causing the back-ups. 

The Life Of Your Sewer

Finally, the general life of your sewer line could also indicate that it is time to replace it. Clay pipes usually last 50-60 years, while iron pipes last around 100 (but could have a life as short as 75 in some situations). So if you have a home that is 100 years old, and your family has always owned it (thus, you know that the pipes were never replaced), you are due to replace your sewer line. This estimation is more problematic in newer homes and homes where you can’t be sure of the history. Some more contemporary sewer lines are PVC, which has not yet been around long enough for us to know its lifespan). 


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