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4 Things Every New Homeowner Should Know About Their Plumbing

4 Things Every New Homeowner Should Know About Their Plumbing

Are you moving into a new home? Great! Follow these plumbing tips!

Are you moving into a new home? Great! Follow these tips!

Find the Water Main

Knowing where the water main is extremely important. Since it’s cold out in the winter, your pipes might freeze over and then burst. Your home will fill up with water, and you don’t want that. So by shutting off the water, you can prevent more damage to your new home. Consult the inspection report from when you first bought the home. Then go look for it and make sure you can get to it as easily as possible.

Use the Plunger

Be sure you know which plunger to use. One type is known as the cup plunger, and chances are, it’s the one you imagine when you think of the word “plunger”. The flange plunger has a flap on it that helps you unplug surfaces such as the one inside your toilet. Make sure you have both types of plungers for whenever you might need them.

Don’t Turn Up Your Thermostat

If you turn the temperature on your thermostat up too high, then it’ll be harmful to the water heater. Plus, you might scald yourself the next time you run the water. Don’t do that, and don’t let anyone else in your family gets hurt either.

Create a Maintenance Schedule

One way to make sure that your plumbing continues to work as you expect is to maintain it. Make a monthly maintenance checklist, and another list for yearly repairs. Add to the monthly list such items as cleaning the gutters, cleaning out the garbage disposal in the kitchen, changing the filters on your home’s HVAC unit, and looking for any leaks. These leaks might be hiding behind your cabinets. They can also be hiding behind fixtures such as toilets and sinks.

Then, turn your attention to the yearly maintenance schedule. On this list, write down that you need to flush out the tank of your water heater. You’ll also need to replace any aging caulk. Make sure the sump pump still works, and clean up the faucets and showerheads.


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