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Tips for Unclogging a Slow Shower Drain

Tips for Unclogging a Slow Shower Drain

So, you’re taking a shower and you notice that the water isn’t leaving the tub as quickly as it should. You should address drain slowness as soon as you notice it.

So, you’re taking a shower and you notice that the water isn’t leaving the tub as quickly as it should. You should address drain slowness as soon as you notice it. If you take care of it while it’s just a minor nuisance, it doesn’t have the chance to become a big problem. There are many different ways to unclog a slow shower drain. Here are just a few of those ways.

Use Your Hands

The first step in unclogging a slow shower drain is to try using your hands. Most of the time, unclogging a slow shower drain is simple enough just by using your hands, some wires, or even a hanger.

The second step is to create a simple tool. With a simple tool in hand, more of the clog can be removed and it won’t be as revolting to deal with it. You can create this tool from a coat hanger or from some plain wire. Extend the coat hanger so that it is long and straight. You can modify the hook on the end using some pliers. This will make the hook small enough to fit down the drain. If you’ve decided to use some simple wire, all you have to do is make a hook on the end and fish out whatever is clogging the drain. The clog will most likely be some sort of hair buildup.

Rely on Chemicals

If your hand or the basic tools can’t get the job done, consider relying on chemicals. Drain cleaning solutions that are available as commercial products are extremely effective. The problem is, you want to be sure the chemicals don’t harm the pipes or make problems even worse. Be sure to read all the instructions to be sure you are following the directions on the labels. Pour some of the chemicals into the drain and wait for 15 minutes. Then, check on the condition of the clog. Is it still clogged? Move onto the next step.

Household Methods

If you use kitchen detergent to wash your dishes, try using it on your shower drain. A slow shower drain may need even more effort to clean than you anticipate. Once you have tried the detergent method, allow the detergent to work its magic for about an hour or so. Use hot water to rinse the detergent away, but be mindful of all the bubbles that will invariably pop up. Just using plain water can help too, but you’ll want to boil it first. Boiling water is an excellent method for dislodging small clogs.

Actual Objects

Have you considered using the plunger that you would normally use to unclog the toilet? What about a drain snake? Both of these can remove clogs that are either deeper in the drain

Avoid Clogging the Drain

Using strainers, regular applications of hot water, and even baking soda can all serve to reduce or eliminate entirely clogs that block up your shower drain.


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