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Low Water Pressure in Your Shower? Here’s How to Fix It

Low Water Pressure Shower Head

Having a problem with low water pressure in your shower? Here are some solutions.

Remember the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer and Newman go out to get black market shower heads to fix their showers’ low water pressure problems? The reason why that scenario is still so funny is because many of us have that exact problem with our showers – they just don’t seem to have enough water pressure to suit our tastes! If your home’s shower heads are not doing the trick for you, there are a few things you can do to fix this common plumbing problem.

Fixing the Existing Shower Head

You might be able to fix your existing shower head. Sometimes, the inside can become clogged or blocked due to hard water sediment or other problems. Screwing off the shower head and submerging it in calcium and lime remover may clean out the insides and restore water flow to its proper levels, eliminating your low water pressure problem.

Replace the Shower Head

You could do what Kramer and Newman did and hit the black market for a new shower head, but it would probably be easier just to go to your local hardware store! Once you’ve picked up the new shower head, look for the washer inside. This is designed to restrict water flow, but taking a drill to it and widening it should help increase the water flow coming out of it.

Have your Pipes Checked

If fixing and replacing the shower head isn’t working, the problem might end up being with the pipes instead. If you have an older home, galvanized piping might be the reason why you have low water pressure. This type of pipe is coated in molten zinc and is no longer used in home building since they corrode over time, leading to leakages. Galvanized pipes tend to need to be replaced after 30-40 years and newer materials such as copper will be used to replace them. If you suspect that your piping may be to blame for your shower’s low water pressure, contact a professional plumber today to have it checked out.


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