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4 Signs You May Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

4 Signs You May Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

Proactive maintenance for your sump pump is important to make sure that it does its job every day.

Most homeowners devote little to no time thinking about their sump pump until a thunderstorm or flood strikes—then it’s just about all they can think about! Proactive maintenance for your sump pump is important to make sure that it does its job every day. If your sump pump needs a little love, and perhaps a replacement, here are four of the signs that it’s past its prime.

It Turns On and Off Frequently

Does your sump pump cycle on and off frequently during periods when it’s dry and periods when it’s wet? There’s probably something wrong with your sump pump. Sometimes the issue is a float switch that isn’t properly adjusted, so your sump pump switches on when only a small amount of water is inside. If your sump pump is turning off and on frequently, it’s also a sign that your basin might be too tiny for the amount of water in it regularly. If that is the case, a deeper basin will ensure that your sump pump is only on when it really needs to be.

It Runs for Long Periods of Time

The next time your sump pump turns on, listen to how long it needs to run for. If your sump pump runs for longer than several minutes, it’s a sign that your pump is too weak to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Get a new sump pump with a capacity that matches the volume of water it needs to handle. If you aren’t sure what the right amount is, contact the professionals at Alpha Plumbing and we can offer you additional guidance.

It Won’t Turn On When You Need It

This is a huge problem that often means it’s time for a new sump pump. Sometimes the float switch is stuck, so your sump pump won’t get rid of water when it needs to. If your sump pump has vertical floats with plastic brackets, the brackets can break from vibrations and need replacement to work again.

Can You Hear Me Now?

If your sump pump is so loud that you notice it every time it is running, it might be on its last legs. The only noise you should hear from your sump pump is a soft humming noise when it is at work and a small thump when it turns off.

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