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Five Ways to Prevent Issues Within Your Drainage System

A drainage system is an integral part of any home. Like a plumbing system, a drainage system has significant responsibilities. A drainage system is crucial because it takes water from fixtures and transfers it to a septic tank or a main sewer water line. In the process, the transfer must occur without leaking sewage and damaging clean water sources.

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Drainage issues in your home can be a hassle if left unattended.

There are also many different types of drain systems available. Various pipes form the drain system. Piping consists of rainwater, liquid waste, and other sewage that flows to the point of disposal in a septic tank or sewer system. The system works by gathering fresh water from other sources. Then it is transferred to pipes throughout your plumbing system.

Within each plumbing fixture, a drain line collects things like water and waste. Gravity aids this process by sending water to the central drainage system. The lines contain slopes that assist the free flow of water. Vent piping is another crucial factor, giving air pressure to help water flow more smoothly.

Traps are used to collect contaminated water and prevent gases from the sewer from entering your home. There are two common types of traps used. S-traps are commonly used in toilets, while P-traps are used in appliances such as sinks, showers, and tubs.

Keeping your drains clear of dirt, debris, and hair is a chore that requires the same importance as keeping anything else clean in your home. Here are our top seven ways to prevent issues in your system and ensure it is operating at an optimal level.

Use Drain Guards For Your Drainage System

Drain guards help your system by reducing the amount of waste that can accumulate within your sinks. These guards are usually small in stature but can significantly reduce issues within your system.

Drain Cleaner is Also Effective

Drain cleaner solutions are beneficial because they maintain and preserve all of your home’s drains. You can easily use these solutions by following simple steps. Plumbing experts also recommend using a drain cleaner with as many natural ingredients as possible to prevent corrosion within pipes.

Use Boiling Water for Your Drainage System

This simple yet effective technique can work wonders. Flushing drains with boiling water consistently prevents food buildup in drains. This preventative measure can also help in preventing clogged and sluggish drains.

Actively Clean Your Garbage Disposal

You can clean your garbage disposal with a tool such as a disposer brush. You can also use a simple solution of ice and salt to cut grease and other particles that might be causing a blockage within your system.

Constantly Look For Signs of Trouble

Often we recognize that there is a problem until it is too late. However, by taking proactive measures, you can notice any issues with your drainage system. Leaks are easy to detect as well as any unusual smells. Water patches and puddles around your home are a simple sign of possible drainage issues. The side effects of drainage issues can be costly for your home, so it’s best to remain diligent when encountering any problems.


Many DIY guides and videos exist, making people feel empowered to handle problems themselves. This concept works well in some cases. However, pipes and fittings have specific applications requiring careful selection of replacement parts. Otherwise, your repair could lead to corrosion or even pipe failure. You could also start the project and realize too late that you’re unsure how to put the parts in the appropriate places. 

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