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How to Remove Hair from Your Drains

How to Remove Hair from Your Drains

In fact, having a clean drain free of hair is crucial to the health and wellbeing of your pipes.

When it comes to your drain, there is no shortage of hair that tends to build up over time. But, all that hair can wreak havoc on your drain and pipes down the line. In fact, having a clean drain is crucial to the health and wellbeing of your pipes. As a result, if your shower, tub or bathroom drains are always getting clogged with hair, here are some of the best ways to clean the drains effectively and efficiently.

Baking Soda And Vinegar In Conjunction With Plunging

Some household remedies are a surefire way to deal with a clogged drain — especially when it comes to hair. In fact, grease-fighting dish soap is so important to effectively and efficiently cleaning your drain and ridding it of a hair clog. The reality is, you’ll want to use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to help break up the hair clog. But then, it’s just as important to continue plugging the drain to adequately release the clog and clean the drain effectively and efficiently. 

Removing The Drain Stopper And Take Out The Tweezers

Plunging the drain is definitely the less gross way to handle the situation. In fact, many people will immediately get their plunger as soon as they notice a clog in their drain. But, doing so might not be the best solution to the issue. The reality is, before reaching for the plunger, consider removing the drain stopper itself. Once you remove the drain stopper, then you’ll notice a very clear opening to the actual drain below. Shine a flashlight down there and inevitably you will see a giant clump of hair. What you’ll want to do after you locate the hair clump that is clogging up your drain is to take your tweezers and begin pulling. After removing all the hair, run some hot water to remove any remaining debris for a clog-free drain. This will definitely allow you to finally enjoy a clog-free drain from now on. 


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