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Five Indicators That It’s Time For a New Main Water Line

The main water line is the most integral part of the plumbing system. Without a good water line, the entire system could experience many issues. Over time, the climate and overall usage can impact the reliability of your water line. This particular line is critical because it imports water from your home.

Alpha Plumbing Main Water Line

The main water line is the most valuable line within your plumbing system.

Once the line becomes damaged, your home could become flooded with sewage. Your entire plumbing system in your home could become defective if that happens. Even worse, your water could become contaminated. Here are five things to be aware of when assessing the health of your water line.

Clogs Reoccur in Water Line

Neglecting clogs is harmful over time to your plumbing system. It is best to watch what goes down your drain to prevent clogs. Dumping things like oil, grease, and food scraps contribute to the frequent clogging of your plumbing system. Animal and human hair is also a factor in contributing to clogs. Soap scum can also play a role, as well as paper products like paper towels and other types of wipes.

You Hear Noises Within your Plumbing System

The plumbing system inside of your home should always remain quiet at all times. If you hear any banging when turning on your water, you could have an issue with your water line. Trapped air within plumbing pipes can also cause unwanted problems. Take heed to the noises. It is likely a sign that something drastic is happening within your system. Neglecting these repairs will have negative consequences in the future. 

Water Accumulates in Your Yard

You’ll need to be outside to notice this issue, but it could be dire if you see water in your yard. If you also realize that grass has a deeper shade of green where your main water line is, reach out to the professionals at Alpha Plumbing.

The Price of your Water Bill Increases

If you realize that your bill used to be at a consistent, manageable amount and then suddenly spikes, that is also a tell-tale sign of a damaged line. Another indicator is leaky appliances like toilets, faucets, washing machines, and dishwashers. You can use these simple ways to search for water leakage within your home. 

Poor Water Pressure in Water Line

Fixtures like shower heads and faucets can also become clogged, thus reducing water pressure. Any sudden changes in water pressure are also a potential sign of water line damage. Any blockages within the main water line will almost certainly decrease the water flow throughout your home. You might be able to boost your water pressure with a tool such as a regulator, but if you can’t, contact Alpha Plumbing to rectify the issue.


Many DIY guides and videos exist, making people feel empowered to handle problems themselves. This concept works well in some cases. However, pipes and fittings have specific applications requiring careful selection of replacement parts. Otherwise, your repair could lead to corrosion or even pipe failure. You could also start the project and realize too late that you’re unsure how to put the parts in the appropriate places.

Make your life much simpler by calling Alpha Plumbing today so our team can take care of all your plumbing needs.

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