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Warning Signs You Might Need Assistance from a Drain Cleaning Service

Warning Signs You Might Need a Drain Cleaning Service

Since our drains are so prone to clogs and buildup, we must take the proper steps to clean them.

Your home’s sewer and drain systems are one of the most commonly used, yet most overlooked systems in your entire house. Think about how often we use them – they’re certainly being put to work! Every time you flush the toilet, take a shower, do some laundry, or wash the dishes, you’re using your drains. Since we use them so often, they’re vulnerable to clogs and buildup over time. Here are a few warning signs and benefits to a drain cleaning service, and why you should consider professional assistance to help you out.

The Warning Signs

Clogs can be a huge inconvenience if they’re able to escalate. Here are some signs watch out for that signal you need some drain cleaning in your home.

  • Slower drains. If you’ve got trouble with your sink, you might have a clog. If multiple water fixtures do not drain the right way, then you most likely have a clog somewhere along your sewer line. A careful drain cleaning with hot water and detergent or vinegar should do the trick. If that fails, then consider calling out a professional.
  • Pesky pets. Bugs and rodents are never good, but if any pests visit your home, they could be coming from a crack somewhere in your sewer line. Cockroaches and rats can squeeze through just about anywhere.
  • Pricey water bills. If it seems like your home’s utility bills are higher than they typically are, the reason could be because of a hidden leak. No matter the size, a camera inspection from a professional will be able to locate the source.
  • Sewage Backup. All sewage should go down your pipes, but if it somehow winds up going back up the opposite direction, you might want to call out a plumber for drain cleaning services ASAP. If it looks like the sewage backs up every single time you flush or use the sink, the problem might be more rooted in your sewer line.
  • Putrid odors. You should never smell any stinky sewage in or around your home. If so, there is probably a crack somewhere in the sewer line. Your plumbing should always be sealed tight, but sewer gases can slip through cracks. A camera inspection should be swift in finding where these odors come from.  

If you experience any of these issues, then consider calling out a professional drain cleaning service to find out the problem and take care of it properly.


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