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Tips for Speeding Up a Slow Drain

Tips for Speeding Up a Slow Drain

One of the most stubborn problems in any household has to be the slow drain.

One of the most stubborn problems in any household has to be the slow drain. Just when you may think you’ve tackled the issue, your drains can start backing up again. Whether it’s your bathtub or your drain full of dishes, you’ll want to stay on top of slow drains in order to keep your plumbing in good working order. Here are some tips to clean out a slow drain.

Plunge the Clog

The plunger should be the first thing you try for any clogged drain. If your plumbing is draining slowly, simply place a plunger over the drain and plunge away. For clogged sinks, try a cup plunger. These will be a more appropriate size for sink clogs, so you should always keep one on hand in the kitchen.

Boiling Water

It’s no long-term solution, but one of the quickest fixes for a slow drain is boiling water. It doesn’t work for every type of clog, but a greasy clog in the kitchen sink could be cleared out with a kettle of boiling water. If you find it’s still draining slowly, try alternating between a kettle of boiling water and ⅓ cup of dish detergent to break up the clog. One of the best ways to avoid these types of clogs in your kitchen sink is to install a garbage disposal, which will break up kitchen waste before it has a chance to form a clog.

Pull Out the Hair

One of the most frequent clogs in a home is stubborn hair caught in the bath or shower drain. Sometimes, you can simply pull the hair out of the tub drain by reaching into it. If the clog seems deeper, and reaching into the drain hasn’t solved your slowly draining tub, you can always bend a wire hanger into a hook shape and reach the hook deep into the drain to pull out the clog.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda is a classic home cleaner, but you may not think to try it on a clogged drain. Depending on how slowly your drain is working, try putting between ⅓ and 1 full cup of baking soda down your drain, giving it time to get as far down as it can go. Follow the baking soda with the same amount of vinegar. The mixture will bubble and fizz as it works to break up the clog in your drain.

If none of these solutions are working for you, or slow drains are a stubborn problem in your home, consider calling a professional for a video inspection of your plumbing. This can help you to identify chronic plumbing issues and keep your drains working smoothly.


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