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Quick Solutions to a Pipe Leak

Quick Solutions to a Pipe Leak

Pipes that start leaking can lead even the toughest property-owner into a frenzied panic.

When your pipe begins to leak, it’s one of the biggest nuisances you can deal with. A pipe leak can lead to direct water damage in your home’s basement or roofs. Pipes that start leaking can lead even the toughest property-owner into a frenzied panic. In case you were wondering, there are a couple of tried and true solutions that can temporarily fix your pipe leak while you wait for the professional plumber to show up. These tips will help you lessen the damage caused by the hole while the plumber arrives. Pipe leaks can be nasty and devastating to the rest of your home or businesses’ plumbing system. Here are a few quick solutions to a pipe leak.

Pipe Clamps

I know what you’re thinking, “just how reliable is something as tiny as a pipe clamp?” Trust us on this, though. Pipe clamps are used on aircraft carriers and submarines where pressure is at an all-time high. They’re durable and built to keep pipes all in one piece. While acting more like a “Band-Aid” than an actual answer to your pipe leak, they’re perfect for when you’re waiting around for your plumber to come to help out.


Epoxy compounds are an affordable and effective quick solution to your pipe leak. These resins create powerful waterproof seals on your pipes that keep the liquid inside from leaking out. They don’t last forever, but they can last long enough for the plumber to arrive.

Pipe Wraps

Much like epoxy, pipe wraps are found at most hardware stores and are an excellent temporary solution to a tiny pipe leak. Just make sure you’ve got the area of the pipe leak or crack located on your plumbing pipes, a pipe wrap can provide an efficient seal that will limit the damage done for the time.

Rubber Pipe Connectors

On occasion, a leak can happen in the joint of two pipes, where a clamp or resin may not fit. A rubber pipe connector can be tight enough when installed on the pipe leak to stop it temporarily. Although we recommend rubber pipe connectors less because you might have to cut and that can often be a more complicated solution than the others that have been presented before.


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