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The Negative Effects of Hard Water

Shower Hard Water

Hard water is very common, but it might make your showers uncomfortable. Should you opt for water treatment?

Hard water is present in as much as 85% of American homes. This is water that contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. Humans need those minerals to stay healthy, so in a sense, hard drinking water actually helps contribute to overall health. However, most people see the negative effects of hard water outweighing the positives and opt to have their water treated with a softening system. What are the most noticeable effects of hard water?

Shower Quality

Hard water can make your morning showers much less comfortable than they need to be. It can be more difficult to remove body cleansers with hard shower water and these can leave a film on your skin called soap curd. Soap curd is responsible for dull-looking hair, causes irritation to your skin, and collects as a film on your shower walls and bathtub as well.

Cleaning Clothes and Dishes

Cleaning your clothes and washing dishes can also be more difficult if you have hard water. Clothes often feel much rougher after a wash than normal owing to the mineral density of the water. These minerals can also wear your clothes out more quickly over repeated washes. Hard water can also leave residue on your dishes when you wash them, making it more difficult to clean them in just one washing cycle.

Water Heater Efficiency and Limescale

Hard water has a higher amount of sediment and this can negatively impact the efficiency of your water heater. The build up of sediment in a water heater tank can make it more difficult for it to heat the water, causing higher energy usage and high utility bills over time. Moreover, other appliances that heat water could become clogged with minerals and cause limescale buildup to occur. This buildup will cause these appliances to suffer from poor efficiency.

If you and your family are suffering from the negative effects of hard water, contact your local professional plumber to have your water tested and a softening system installed!


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