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Sediment in Water Heaters

Hot Water Heater Sediment

Sediment can make your water heater less efficient and even make it wear down a lot faster.

Water heaters do a lot to make modern living possible. As a homeowner, you probably take the proper functioning of your water heater for granted. There are probably a lot of other problems on your mind! However, you should pay attention to this complex piece of machinery. One of the problems that you should keep an eye on is the sediment that can accumulate in your water heater tank. Sediment can eventually lead to more serious plumbing issues and can even impact your utility bills. So how does sediment accumulate and how does it impact your water heater?

How Sediment Develops

Homeowners who have their water heaters drained after years of use report that sand pours out along with the residual water. This may look like sand but is actually a composite material called calcium carbonate. This is a normal mineral found in all treated, room-temperature water. But when this water is stored in a tank and heated consistently, the compound filters out and clumps into solid material at the bottom of the storage tank. It’s not dangerous but it does make it more difficult for the heating element in the water heater to do its work efficiently.

How It Impacts Your Water Heater

Not only does your water heater have to work harder to heat the water in the storage tank when there is sediment buildup, but that extra strain can lead to bigger structural issues. Since your heater is working harder than what may be safe, the metal chassis is under more strain than it was designed to withstand. Also, the combination of high heat and a sediment wall could create an environment where bacteria can form. This bacteria can actually corrode the inside of your storage tank as well, which can lead to a burst tank. The best practice is to have your water heater drained once a year to remove the sediment and help it last a long time.


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