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What Might Cause Leaking Pipes?

What Might Cause Leaking Pipes?

A leaky pipe is a problem that might seem insignificant at first, but given enough time it could become a major headache.

A leaky pipe is a problem that might seem insignificant at first, but given enough time it could become a major headache. This problem gets even worse in the winter, when the leaking water freezes over if it’s outside long enough. What causes them? Let’s find out.

Tree Roots Invading

Do you take proper care of your trees? If you don’t, take some time over the winter to check on them and see how they’re doing. After all, you might not know if the leaking pipes are from tree roots invading your plumbing. Tree roots can also cause clogs, which will cover in more detail below. You may also need to consider the problems might be from other causes, such as rust.


Rust can affect any segment of your pipes, whether they are buried outside or integrated inside your home. Rust, also known as corrosion, will begin to affect your pipes once they’ve gotten too old. Small cracks will widen, creating a bigger problem you might not expect: leaking pipes.

Unreliable Installation

Who installed your pipes? Perhaps they didn’t do such a good job, and that’s why your pipes are leaking. But you can rely on Alpha Plumbing to examine and repair your pipes. Once these pipe repairs are complete, the pipes in your home should work normally again.


As we mentioned above, clogs can be extremely problematic. But did you know clogs can come from more than just troublesome tree roots? You need to make sure you take good care of your home’s plumbing system to avoid clogs. Some ways you can do this is to clean your drains from to time, prevent blockages in your toilets, unclog your sinks, and ensure your shower drains work as they should, too.



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