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7 Things that Should Never Be in Your Septic System

7 Things that Should Never Be in Your Septic System

The key to maintain a functioning septic system is to help it do its job in the most efficient way possible.

The key to maintain a functioning septic system is to help it do its job in the most efficient way possible.  Just like other working components in your home, your system requires your attention and maintenance. Keep these seven items out of your system for better and longer performance.


Of course, toilet paper can be flushed and is designed to be safe in your septic system. However, other types of paper can be a nightmare to your system. Other products that we use in the bathroom are not designed to be flushed. These include sanitary napkins, diapers, or even baby wipes.


When grease solidifies, it causes damaging blockages. It will clog your pipes and build up in the septic tank. Be sure to dispose of grease in the garbage instead of pouring it down the drain.

Cat Litter

Cat litter doesn’t completely breakdown and can be detrimental to your septic tank system. Although some brands say that the litter is flushable, it’s best not to risk it. Like grease, cat litter will cause clogs and build up in the system.

Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals including bleach, motor oil, and other hazardous products do not belong in your septic system. Good bacteria help to break down waste and chemicals like these could kill the bacteria, causing your system not to function the way that it should.

Certain Food Scraps

Now that many kitchens come equipped with garbage disposals, a lot of people have started getting rid of all their food scraps by tossing them down the drain. However, certain scraps like fruit and vegetable peels, bones, and meat don’t break down in the system and will cause build up and clogging.


There are a few different additive products on the market that supposedly extend the life of the septic system. Most of these products don’t actually impact the function of your system in any impactful way.


When doing your laundry, it’s best for your septic system to spread out your laundry over a few days or wash full loads. Laundry puts a lot of stress on the system and frequent use strains the drain field lines.


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