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How to Tell It Is Time to Update Your Sewer Line’s House Trap

How to Tell It Is Time to Update Your Sewer Line’s House Trap

One outdated plumbing trend that can be a bit more troublesome than nostalgic is your sewer line’s house trap.

What do fashion and plumbing have in common? This is a very random question, but there is an answer. They both have plenty of trends that come and go. If you have ever seen an olive-green toilet that was all the rage back in the 1940s, you know exactly what we mean. One outdated plumbing trend that can be a bit more troublesome than nostalgic is your sewer line’s house trap. Bow, many of you might not even know what a house trap is, as a lot of homes don’t have them. However, they are still present in a few homes’ sewer lines, so it is important to explain them and the possible dangers that come along with them. Read on to learn more!

What Exactly is a House Trap?

House traps were a pervasive plumbing device in houses that were built up to around 1989. Essentially, it is a U-shaped pipe installed with your sewer line that runs underground from the house to the municipal sewage main. The downward bend of your pipes collects a tiny amount of water, which will prevent sewage gases from ever venturing up through your sewer line and into your house.

Issues Caused by a House Trap

In theory, house traps sound like a good idea. However, they have proven to cause some costly plumbing issues. In addition to poor designs, older house traps were created with metal and have rusted as the years have passed. So, instead of blockage sewage gases, the trap could now be holding waste inside of your bend. If contents that go down your drains in your home get blocked in the sewage line, it might result in a host of problems, which include:

  • Harmful sewage fumes entering your home
  • Clogged or slow drains throughout your house
  • Sewage backflow into your house, usually in the basement
  • Increased chance of a sewage line break

A Modern, Updated Approach

If you live in an older house and have not had work done to your sewer line, there is a very solid chance you have a house trap. As long as everything is flowing smoothly, there isn’t anything needed to be done immediately. However, if you see any of the above signed mentioned, it is a good idea to call our team of plumbers to come take a look at your sewer line!


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