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How Long Will My Home’s Plumbing Pipes Last?

How Long Will My Home’s Plumbing Pipes Last?

Determining how long your pipes will last can be tricky as it depends on when they were installed and what they are made out of.

Nobody wants to replace the piping in their homes. However, determining how long your pipes will last can be tricky as it depends on when they were installed and what they are made out of. Add to the fact that every person’s plumbing is different, and it can be challenging to figure out how long they will last. However, there are common materials that most pipes are made out of, which can help predict when they will need to be replaced. Read on to learn a lot more about each type of plumbing pipe and how long its average lifespan is!

Copper Piping and Pipes

Copper remains a very common material in buildings and lasts around 70 and 80 years. If your home was built recently with copper piping, you are probably in good shape. If your home is a little bit older, you might want to consult a plumber to start replacing your plumbing piping. Copper can corrode, and corrosion will lead to contaminated water. You do not want to risk anyone in your house getting sick from the drinking water.

Brass Piping

Less common than copper, brass piping has a longer lifespan. It is a combination of zinc and copper and lasts around 80 to 100 years. It is used less frequently today, as it does contain traces of lead, which could lead to other issues.

Galvanized Steel Piping and Pipes

This is steel piping that has been dipped into a type of protective zinc in order to prevent corrosion. While these pipes will last around 80 or 100 years, they are susceptible to rusting and could start rusting after a couple of years. This makes them less trustworthy, as far as piping goes. They were used primarily during house and building construction before the 1960s. They’re not used as much today due to the rusting factor.

Polybutylene Piping and Pipes

Less expensive than any other pipes, polybutylene is also a lot less durable. In fact, it was used widely between the late 70s and mid-90s, as homeowners discovered that it was, in fact very flimsy, and would fall apart after ten years or so. While it is unlikely you have these pipes in your house, you will want to have them looked at as soon as possible if you do.


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