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Water Line Replacement Signs That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Water Line Replacement Signs That You Shouldn't Ignore

You shouldn’t ever delay a water line replacement or repair.

Your home’s plumbing is made up of two systems, the drain-waste system and water supply system. Your home’s water main is the main pipe that brings treated right into your home from the public water supply system. Branching off the water main are various water lines that direct water into multiple points of use in your house, like your faucets, washing machine, and dishwasher. If something messes up a part of your water supply system, this might create various issues for your household. You shouldn’t ever delay a water line replacement or repair, so read on to learn when you should call for a replacement!

Rusty, Dirty, or Bad-Smelling Water

If your water main has busted underground, dirt could start infiltrating your clean water supply. If your water has a more rusty or reddish tint, then this is a sign that your pipes are undergoing some serious corrosion. In either case, your water might become unsafe to drink, so it is vital to get a repair as soon as you can.

Randomly High Water Bills Could Mean You Need a Water Line Replacement 

Even if there aren’t any visible signs of an issue, your water bill could help you spot any trouble. If you see that your bills have been very high, and you can not think of any logical explanation for it, this typically means there is a hidden leak somewhere in your home. You will likely need plumbers with professional leak detection skills and equipment to see the source of the issue.

Puddles in Your Front Yard = Time for a Water Line Replacement

Soggy, wet patches in your home’s yard might just be the result of poor drainage and heavy rain. However, if these puddles will not leave, then there is a good chance that a pipe is leaking underground right around that spot.

Wet Spots on Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Damp floors and wet, bubbling patches on your ceilings and walls are sure signs of a leak that is hidden somewhere in your home. If the leak is in the foundation, you may also see water leaking up through the walls or your basement floor. Make sure to turn off your home’s water at the primary shutoff valve to keep the problem from getting any worse, and remember to call a plumber. We at Alpha Plumbing can deal with any water line replacement and water pressure issues.


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