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3 Signs That Indicate You Need a Sewer Line Repair

3 Signs That Indicate You Need a Sewer Line Repair

The following guide will give you three signs that your sewer line needs repairs.

It is normal to have the occasional clogged pipe or sluggish draining water line. Most homeowners have a hard time identifying when a minor issue can easily be fixed without professional help, and when there is a clear sign that a major issue is occurring. While no article could ever provide the definitive answer to all of your plumbing issues, the following guide will give you three signs that your sewer line needs repairs. Read on to learn more!

Cascading Blockages and Backups in Your Sewer Line

In the course of events for any home, it is normal to experience a backed-up toilet occasionally and blocked drain. But when backups and blockages become a consistent event, it might be a clear sign that your main sewer line is in immediate need of replacement or repair. The plumbing lines that connect your sinks, washing machines, toilets, and other water lines all use gravity to run downhill to a specific low spot before joining your municipal sewage line. If you start to notice that backups and floodings happen in the lowest area in your home, this might be a clear sign that the main sewer line is the problem.

Some other signs of a failure in your sewer line are when a backup or flooding event happens each time you flush your toilet, run water down your sinks, or use your shower and bathtub. If any of these are frequent occurrences, give Alpha Plumbing a call today.

The Nose Knows

Homeowners don’t need to be licensed plumbers to figure out that something is seriously wrong with their main sewer line. If you smell the odor of sewer gas anywhere in your house, this could be a sign that there is a big issue with your sewer line. Healthy water and sewer lines ventilate sewer gas through the particular outlets on your roof. At the same time, liquid sewage follows gravity’s iron mandate to move down, so the only way sewer gas could be inside your home is if there is a leak, crack, or hole somewhere.

Sinking, Cracking, Settling in Your Sewer Line

While usually, only a professional team equipped with advanced video equipment could accurately diagnose issues within a sewer line. The average homeowner could infer issues with their sewer line by observing problems like cracks in your foundation, soil shifting, and the appearance of sinkholes.


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