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How to Know when it’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Line

How to Know when it’s Time to Replace Your Sewer Line

There are many signs that you may need to repair or replace your sewer line.

One of the last things any homeowner wants to deal with is a broken or malfunctioning sewer line. Along with being a gross, smelly mess, it’s also a health hazard and can lead to severe long term damage to your home and property. There are many signs that you may need to repair or replace your sewer line and today we’ll be walking you through some of them. That said, not all of the signs may present in the same way. If you suspect there is an issue with your sewer line, it may be in your best interest to call in a professional right away.

Old Age

Perhaps one of the most straightforward and easy to track indicators is that your sewer line may just be too old. If you own a home that is 50 years or more old, it’s more than time for a replacement. As they age, pipes tend to fail more frequently, but this is particularly a risk for old pipes made from outdated materials.

Long-Term Problems

Have you had issues with your plumbing that have occurred regularly for over a few months? While some issues like clogs can be fixed if your pipes are younger, in some cases a repeating problem may be a sign that you need a replacement.

Big Roots From Big Trees

As trees grow and their roots dig into the ground, they can wrap around and choke pipes leading to breaks and clogs. When this happens, the root needs to be cut and the tree potentially removed. Additionally, it means that the sewer line will likely need to be entirely replaced.

Frequent Unexplained Clogs

There are a lot of different things that can clog your drains and pipes; particularly if you’ve learned bad disposal habits. But if you’re noticing frequent clogs even without having mad, bad drain choices, it’s likely a sign that it’s time to get your sewer line looked at.


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