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Four Benefits of Investing In a Water Filtration System

Four Benefits of Investing In a Water Filtration System

When you add a filtration system to your home water system, you can eliminate all of the downsides of tap water.

Most of us know that we consume too much disposable plastic, but it can be hard to cut down. Bottled water is one of the most accessible places to cut down on your plastic waste, but it can be difficult for many. When you add a filtration system to your home water system, you can eliminate all of the downsides of tap water.

Remove Contaminants

While the EPA sets standards for the potential contaminants that can leach into the water, there are always trace amounts of pollutants. Depending on your home’s water source you may have traces of lead, arsenic, pesticides and more. Almost all city water will have been treated with chlorine, some of which may still be detectable by scent. While these are in levels that are safe to drink (water is regularly tested) having a filtration system further minimizes the levels of contaminants. This can help you and your family feel better about tap water.

Prevent Medical Issues

Along with the risks of contaminants, allergic reactions and illness due to waterborne bacteria can be a serious concern to some. While incredibly rare, there are instances of tap water carrying materials that can cause harm to those with weakened immune systems. More pressingly – the average person needs to drink a substantial amount of fluids every day. Relying on bottled water alone for this amount is cost prohibitive and can result in poor health due to dehydration.

Save Money

One of the most significant factors in adding a filtration system is that it allows you to cut out your budget for bottled water. While the individual bottles may seem reasonable, even the cheapest option ads up over the year. Those who move to a filtered water system save hundreds of dollars annually which all but pays for the installation.

Improve Taste

Even bottled water can have an unpleasant taste at times, if it’s been in the bottle too long, for instance, it can take on a plastic flavor. When switching to a water filtration system, you’ll have the benefits of safe, clean, great tasting water without any of the downsides.


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