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Reasons Why You Have a Pipe Leak inside Your Home

Reasons Why You Have a Pipe Leak inside Your Home

If you have a pipe leak in your home, you shouldn’t waste any time trying to fix it.

Is your home’s water bill escalating without a corresponding increase in consumption? If so, you might have a pipe leak in your home. The average United States household uses close to 100 gallons of water per person. However, a plumbing leak in your home increases water usage and equals an increase in water bills. If you have a pipe leak in your home, you shouldn’t waste any time trying to fix it. Besides costing you more for water, leaks can also cause water damage to fixtures, promote the growth of mold, and increase your risk of mold allergies and poisoning. Keeping that in mind, here are the top reasons you have a pipe leak and why you should call the professionals for plumbing pipe repairs.

Blocked Drains

With most drains installed out of your line of sight, many homeowners don’t clean them until there’s a blockage situation in a sink or toilet. Unfortunately, clogs in your drains do more than waste just a few minutes of your time. They lead to drainage pipe leaks too. Clogs in your pipes prevent wastewater from flowing smoothly into your septic system. This causes pipe bursts, which can create a mess inside your home or backyard. You should regularly clean your drains to prevent blockage, as well as avoiding dumping grease and fat into your sinks. Consider using a mesh screen over your shower drain from stopping hair from going down into your pipes as well. Just try to avoid putting anything too large or dangerous down your drains to prevent a pipe leak.

Degraded Pipe Seals

Interconnected pipes have seals that create a tight connection and prevent water leaks. However, as time passes, due to poor seal material or age, seals begin to suffer from wear and tear. Water will then start to drip because of the loosened connection. Inspect your home’s pipe seals for degradation. A pipe leak of this nature can occur in out-of-sight areas like under your sink. Call a professional for a seal replacement if you happen to have a pipe leak.

Poor Pipe Construction

Have you noticed any leaks after the installation of plumbing pipes? If so, your pipes could have been installed incorrectly, leading to points of weakness that can crack. For example, when running pipes go across a bend or corner on the wall, they have to bend too. If the curve is too sharp, it can make the pipes weak. Over time, they can crack and leak. Contact the professionals from Alpha Plumbing if you have any pipe leak concerns.


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