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3 Easy Ways to Fix Your Leaking Pipes

3 Easy Ways to Fix Your Leaking Pipes

If you find that your pipes might be leaking, there are three easy fixes you can make until a professional plumber can come out.

A home’s pipes are important for keeping everything running smoothly, but when a pipe starts to leak, this could mean big issues for homeowners. A leaky pipe may not be visible initially, leading to major damages if not addressed quickly. If you find that your pipes might be leaking, there are three easy fixes you can make until a professional plumber can come out and assess the extent of the problem. But your very first step should always be to turn off your water supply valve. If the leak is in a water supply underneath a sink, turn off the water supply valves under your sink. Otherwise, turn off your home’s water main supply valve to limit the amount of water that is able to cause damage. Read on to learn how to fix your leaking pipes quickly.

Use Your Available Materials

If your pipe is hemorrhaging water and you do not have enough time to make it to a store to get the required supplies, try to use items that you’ve got on-hand. If the hole is tiny, stick a pencil point into it. Then wrap the pipe with some electrician’s tape and use putty if you have it to ensure that it does not leak. This should buy you time to call a plumber or make more repairs. Try wrapping a piece of rubber around the pipe, and use a clamp and blocks of wood to hold it in place. Do not clamp down too hard, or you will bend and damage your pipes. These items could potentially minimize the damage and help your keep your water main valve on to supply your home.

Place on a Patch

Patching up a pipe will be a lot more effective than using items within your reach. Epoxy compounds and pipe wraps can be applied anywhere on your pipe for all types of cracks and leaks. This will ensure that your pipe will hold until it can be replaced or repaired. Depending on the damage, it might be more cost-effective to put in a brand new pipe section, but this quick fix can give you time to make smaller repairs on your own.

Call a Professional Plumber

Although this isn’t a quicker fix than the previous two, a plumbing professional can quickly and easily address an assortment of different leak issues and will have the right tools and expertise to get the job done right the first time.


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