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Clear Indications That Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Clear Indications That Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Do not ignore the downsides of water pressure that might be too high.

Low water pressure is a very common complaint amongst homeowners, but do not ignore the downsides of water pressure that might be too high. In fact, any excessively high pressure could wear down your pipes and appliances, costing you a lot of cash on replacements and repairs. High water pressure is not always easy to detect, as signs usually appear as small, unrelated plumbing problems. Louder appliances and pipes, little hot water, and costly bills on water are three of the most common problems that might signify that your pressure is a bit too high. If you have any water pressure issues, do not hesitate to call Alpha Plumbing. Read on to learn more!

Your Water Bill Will Increase Randomly

If looking at your latest water bill makes you raise your eyebrows, it is because you are using a lot of water without even realizing it. Normal water pressure is typically between 40 and 60 PSI. However, some houses with high water pressures have PSIs of about 80 to 100, which means a higher water volume is now being pushed through your plumbing. Keep an eye out on this, and remember to call a professional plumber if you experience further issues.

Hot Water Pressure Is Not Lasting Long

Suppose you are running out of hot water very quickly, like a couple of minutes into your shower, for example. In that case, it might mean that the water heater tank is refilling with colder water too quickly, disrupting the temperature of your water heater has been trying to maintain. Because of high pressure, your water heater has to work a lot harder, resulting in much more wear and tear and increasing the chance of a leak or breakdown.

Your Appliances or Pipes are Noisy Because of Water Pressure

The extra pressure might create strange sounds coming from your appliances connected to your plumbing system. If your dishwasher makes humming sounds, it is no big deal. However, if it howls during every cycle, you could be dealing with a pressure issue. The cause is probably from seals or mechanical parts that are starting to wear out, which might also shorten the appliance’s lifespan. Much like your water heater mentioned earlier, appliances will begin to wear out faster when forced to compensate for higher pressure too.


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