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Essential Plumbing Tools That Everyone Should Own

Essential Plumbing Tools That Everyone Should Own

There are a few minor plumbing issues that can be easily fixed if you’ve got the proper tools on hand.

Every house is equipped with a bunch of plumbing pipes. Even though you might not be a professional plumber, you will inevitably deal with a plumbing problem at some point or another. Whether it is a clogged toilet is a leaky faucet, there are a few minor plumbing issues that can be easily fixed if you’ve got the proper tools on hand. If you do not already own the following pieces of equipment, now is the time to find them. Read on to learn which plumbing tools you should have in your home.


No house should be without a plunger. Whether it’s toilet paper, feminine products, or toys, a plunger is one of the top tools to remove a smaller clog. A plunger forces water back into the pipes, applying pressure to the clog and forcing it throughout your plumbing system. It prevents you from having to call up a plumber. As a general rule of thumb, keep a plunger next to each toilet. This allows for swift access just in case of the occasional clog.

Plumbing Snake

Occasionally, you’ll come across a toilet clog that a plunger can’t handle. If you own a plumbing snake, you might be able to get rid of the issue on your own. This is one of those plumbing tools that is extendable and flexible. It extends through the bends of your toilet and shoves the clog through your pipes. It is an inexpensive tool that you should keep on deck at all times.

Basin Wrench

A loose sink, drain, or faucet could cause many different issues. A basin wrench is essential for tightening up loose bolts and nuts around your home’s sink. This tool has a longer shaft with a swivel with an adjustable clamp on the very end. It can easily slip into deep, narrowed spaces as needed, making it a lot easier to reach the faucet.

Pipe Wrench

When a basin wrench fails to work, it is time to pull out the big gun plumbing tools. A pipe wrench is bigger than your traditional wrench. It is a heavy-duty tool that each house should have. It could be used to loosen and tighten fittings and pipes as required. A pipe wrench is ideal for removing fixtures and faucets.


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