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4 Ways to Improve Your Well Pump System

4 Ways to Improve Your Well Pump System

If you haven’t had your well pump inspected in a long time, there might be a couple of things that are impacting it.

If you are a well pump owner, you know that it can be challenging to keep your well pump running efficiently. Saving freshwater during the summer is a top priority, but saving energy makes a significant impact on your wallet. If you haven’t had your well pump inspected in a long time, there might be a couple of things that are impacting your well pump system efficiency. With countless years of experience in well pump repairs and installations, we at Alpha Plumbing know how to spot inefficiencies in well pump systems. Read on to learn more about how to improve them!

Have Your Well Pump Looked at Every 6 Months

If you have not scheduled a well inspection in a long time, your system might be working inefficiently. As part of our well pump inspection process, we will perform tests that help us determine your system’s overall lifespan. We will measure the amperage on the well pump’s wiring, so you will not waste any excess energy that does not need to be spent.

Keep Your System Cleaned Up

Most well pump owners know the issues that ants and other smaller bugs bring into their system. Insects can eat away at the copper wirings in your well system, causing your electricity bills to rise. There are some easy things you can do to prevent a possibly costly system failure because of bugs. Each month, take about five minutes or so to check your system for signs of insects, loose wirings, or leaks.

Keep Air Charge Inside Your Tank Set to an Appropriate Level

The air bladder within your tank is essential for ensuring maximum efficiency within your system. If you begin to notice that your system is pumping for longer than one minute, that could be a sign that your pressure is not set quite right.

Invest in a Better Well Pump

A simple solution that could save you plenty in the long run is investing and installing a brand new, energy-efficient well pump system. By doing this, you could cut back on costly repairs, just like you would with other plumbing appliances within your home.


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