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Do You Have a Plumbing Clog?

Do You Have a Plumbing Clog?

Your plumbing is an intricate system and there are many factors that can affect its performance.

Your plumbing is an intricate system and there are many factors that can affect its performance. It’s important to address potential issues as soon as you notice them, so they don’t become larger problems. If you think  If you think there could be a clog, here are some symptoms you should look out for.  

Check Your Water Pressure and Flow

If you’ve noticed any weird changes in the way water flows in your home or if the pressure seems a bit off, these could be sure signs that there is a clog in your system. A clog could be what’s causing those changes to the flow and pressure. Although there are other possible culprits for these changes, one of the first steps toward repair is to locate the issue along the pipeline.  

You’ve Noticed Water Backing Up

Odd things happen when there’s a clog in your plumbing. You might even find that while you’re interacting with one part of your plumbing, there will be a water backup in another. For example, if flushing the toilet causes water to appear in the shower then there’s likely a clog in the system. If you start the washing machine and notice water begin to back up in a nearby sink, that could also be a sign of clogged plumbing.

There’s a Weird Smell

Clogged pipes become traps for all kinds of weird and nasty debris. As it builds up, the smell will eventually travel up through your drains and into your home. If you’ve noticed the smells in your kitchen or bathroom, it could be pointing directly toward a clog.  

You’ve Noticed Slow Draining

Probably the most obvious sign of a clog on this list is having a slow drain. When you use your shower or sink and you see that it takes a long time for the water to go down the drain, then that means that there’s a blockage that’s not allowing the water to flow freely through your pipes.


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