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How to Customize the Bathroom in Your Rental Home

How to Customize the Bathroom in Your Rental Home

Pay attention to the details and give your renters an upgraded space that they’ll enjoy.

To attract and catch the eye of potential renters, you want your rental home to be comfortable and beautiful. One way to set it apart from the rest is with a customized bathroom. Pay attention to the details and give your renters an upgraded space that they’ll enjoy.   

Install a Custom Shower Head

Swap out that standard shower head for a custom version. It’s a simple change, but one that will make a big difference in the experience that your renters have when they take a shower. It won’t cost much, and it will take very little effort. Choose a shower head that comes with various settings so that each individual will be able to choose their preferred flow. As a renter, if you choose a low-flow option, you’ll even see savings in your water bill.

Stylish Rugs and Shower Curtain

Create a specific environment with your choice of rugs and shower curtain. You can go in an energetic direction with bright colors or create a warm and cozy feel with neutral colors and soft tones. The rug will even prevent slips and provide a warm place to step onto right out of the shower. Choosing a shower curtain with an attractive pattern or a large image will bring the wow factor into the bathroom.

Take Advantage of Technology

There are many ways you can bring technology into the bathroom. Many people enjoy listening to music as they bathe and get ready for the day or night. You can incorporate music and even fun lighting into the bathroom of your rental home. There are shower heads that play music and display different lighting through Bluetooth. You could also install a separate waterproof Bluetooth speaker in the shower or on the mirror.

Create a Theme

Bring the entire look of your bathroom together with a theme. Use a color, destination, season, or even your favorite movie as inspiration. Choose all the accessories, fixtures, and furnishings that will help present your theme. You could even present the look with matching towels and washcloths.


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