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Dealing with Hard Water in Your Home

Dealing with Hard Water in Your Home

You might not think that hard water can be a problem.

You might not think that hard water can be a problem. When you think this way, you’re mistaken. Water softeners are a good investment, but in the meantime, you need to be able to deal with hard water. Sometimes it could be too advanced for you to do anything, which is when you will need help from a professional plumber. 

The Formation of Stains

Getting water softeners and filters installed will go a long way towards fighting hard water. The stains they leave behind are tricky to get rid of and are even harder to deal with when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Look around for strange white residue that looks like chalk. You can find it around the sinks, shower faucets, and tub drains. These stains form when the water evaporates and any minerals that were dissolved in the water stay behind.

Tips for Removal

Take the time to clean the tile and grout in your bathroom and in your kitchen. These two rooms are where you will see the most hard water because of how much water you need to use in them. Likewise, it’s also a good idea to inspect your laundry room for signs of hard water crusting up inside your washing machine and slowing it down or affecting how clean your clothes get or how faded they look. Here are some helpful tips for removing the stains that hard water causes: 


  • Find the right cleaner for the type of tile and grout you want to clean.
  • Follow all of the directions on the bottle or container.
  • Focus on drying off after you’re done. This way, you can keep residue off that you wouldn’t otherwise notice until it got too out of control to deny or ignore. 

Removing It From Other Surfaces

Find a cleaning solution that works for marble, granite, and other types of stone surface that tend to absorb any water or liquid that it comes into contact with; by doing this, you can make sure that hard water doesn’t continue to be a nuisance. The brush and sponge you use must also be carefully chosen so you don’t leave any damage behind by accident. 


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