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4 Reasons Your Plumbing is So Loud

4 Reasons Your Plumbing is So Loud

Are you kept up all night by how loud your plumbing is?

Are you kept up all night by how loud your plumbing is? Or are you annoyed by how your conversations or television watching is disrupted by how obnoxiously loud your toilet is after you flush it? There are several different ways to deal with loud plumbing. One of the best ways is to lean on a professional plumber you know you can trust. 

Sump Pump Problems

First of all, you could have sump pump problems that you don’t know about until it’s too late. If your sump pump constantly issues odd clicking or popping noises, then that is a sign that something is wrong. This could be for one of two reasons: either a clog has formed, or one of the components inside has failed. Getting repairs done at the right time will get everything running smoothly again. But the sad reality is that this doesn’t happen often enough, which is why a replacement becomes necessary.

Water Heater Needs Draining

Another reason that you’ve had to put up with loud plumbing is that your water heater needs to be drained. You know this is the case when you start to hear unsettling gurgling noises coming from your water heater. What this means is that there is too much sediment inside and that is interfering with normal operations. Draining some of the water out should be enough to settle this issue, but you may need professional assistance if you are hesitant due to the possibility of water damage to your home. 

Garbage Disposal Needs New Blades

How often do you use your garbage disposal? Believe it or not, you will need to have the blades replaced every so often. This is something that an average homeowner won’t be able to accomplish, no matter how handy they are. It’s just better left to professional plumbers. Fixing the blades or tightening them after they’ve come loose should rid you of the problem entirely. 

Loose Pipes

One final problem can assert itself: loose pipes. This is another common culprit behind the problem of loud plumbing. Excess pressure or air pressure problems can knock the pipes loose and prevent them from working as they should. This is when you might notice something wrong with your toilet, especially if it occurs in more than one bathroom


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