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Cleaning Tips to Avoid a Garbage Disposal Repair

Cleaning Tips to Avoid a Garbage Disposal Repair

Nobody wants a smelly garbage disposal in their kitchen sink.

Imagine preparing a nice, home-cooked dinner and setting up a beautiful table for your family. The aroma of a perfectly cooked spread fills the air. However, you notice something isn’t right. There’s a terrible smell coming from the kitchen sink and its drafting into the dining room. You don’t want to admit it, but you know it’s that stinky garbage disposal. Something could be caught inside it, or it might be in the process of breaking down for good. To avoid this nightmare scenario, try these handy tips to freshen up your garbage disposal.

Begin with a Solid Soak

Before you even being deodorizing or scrubbing, put the stopper in your sink and run the water to fill up the basin within a couple of inches of hot water. Add in a decent squirt of dish soap. Remove the stopper and turn on your garbage disposal. As the water drains through the pipes, it should take any pieces of food or debris with it. This is step one for avoiding a garbage disposal repair.

Clean Out the Disposal Drain

You can buy several products designed to freshen your garbage disposal, but you can also save money by going the DIY route. You need baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water. To do this, pour a half cup of baking soda down the drain, then add 1 cup of vinegar. Let the mixture form, and come back to run hot water down the disposal. This will clean it out and save you time from a garbage disposal repair.

Citrus Splash

If your garbage disposal is free of any gooey buildup, you can use citrus peels to freshen it up. As odd as it sounds, citrus oils add a splash of scent. They aren’t necessarily great at cleaning, but they can assist in the process. You can take lemon or lime peels and cut them into small pieces. Drop them into the garbage disposal and flush with cold water. You can also use an orange or grapefruit peel to get the job done, just don’t use larger chunks.

Keep these simple cleaning tips in mind for the next time you have any issues with the cleanliness of your garbage disposal. You should keep it in good shape to avoid any future problems that might require repairs or inspections.


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