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5 Things that Should NEVER Go Down Your Drains

5 Things that Should NEVER Go Down Your Drains

If you’re putting stuff down your drains that you shouldn’t, you may find that your plumbing system can only handle so much.

When it comes to protecting your plumbing system, it’s easy to think that as long as you kept things clean-ish and maintained you’re covered, but it’s often everyday use that causes problems. If you’re putting stuff down your drains that you shouldn’t, you may find that your plumbing system can only handle so much. If you have made a habit of throwing any of these five things down your drain, it’s time to make a change.

Food Waste

Coffee grounds, bones, egg shells, and hard food waste are all items commonly thrown in dish disposals. While these items may be broken down by an efficient garbage disposal system, they can still cause clogs. Coffee grounds, in particular, are a threat to both the disposal and your drains.

Paper Products

Some items, such as toilet paper have been developed specifically to be flushed, but other paper products, like tissues, paper towels, and cotton balls, are not and should never be put down your drains or flushed. Items not designed to be flushed may cause blockages and severe damage.

Grease, Fat & Oil

Consider how grease, fat, and oil solidify when exposed to time and cold temperatures, now consider what happens when you add this to your pipes. Any messes made with these items should be disposed of in the trash rather than the sink. If these items are poured down your drains, they can cling to the sides, congealing and creating a trap for other debris. Not only will it damage your plumbing, but it can affect public systems and drinking water as well.

Hair and Dental Floss

While there is no way to prevent all hair from going down the drain, you should make sure to allow as little as possible to be flushed or washed down. Hair and dental floss both have a tendency to stick to the sides of drains causing build-up and clogs over time.


It might seem like common knowledge that large items such as diapers and feminine hygiene products should not be put down the drain, but these are the root of many plumbing problems. When these items get stuck, there is no option but to call a plumber as they can not be removed by a plunger. Depending on where in the system they become lodged your plumbing may need to be gutted to remove the clog.


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