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5 Warning Signs that Your Pipes Need Repaired

Bad Water from Plumbing Pipes

Consistently murky water might be an indication that you need your plumbing pipes looked at and fixed.

Your plumbing pipes are mainly invisible from the rest of your home. However, there are some signs you can and should look for which indicate that they need to be looked at. Here are five that signal that your pipes need to be repaired!

1. Low Pressure

Your water pipes are designed to promote the water pressure needed to do our household tasks such as washing the dishes efficiently. However, faulty pipes can result in low pressure that you might notice primarily in your shower.

2. Spots of Rust

If you’re noticing random rusty spots in your home, it may be an indication of an older piping system. You might avoid higher repair costs down the line if you call a professional plumbing company as soon as you notice these spots.

3. Random Wet Spots

Other warning signs of pipe failure include random wet spots appearing seemingly out of nowhere on your walls and floors. These wet spots are generally caused by pipe leaks, though they can also happen simply because of old piping. Water damage can lead to significant home repair costs above and beyond the repair costs for the piping, so getting this issue addressed as soon as you notice it is critical.

4. Weird Sounds

Noises in your piping are usually indicative of a blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. A professional plumber can use a drain snake to clear up these blockages.

5. Murky Water

Usually, any murkiness in your water will go away after running the tap for a few seconds. However, if this murkiness persists, you should contact a professional immediately as it may indicate a serious piping problem. Hazardous contaminants may even be able to enter your water supply and make it hazardous to consume, requiring a water treatment solution to make it potable again.


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