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3 Easy Drain Cleaning Tips

3 Easy Drain Cleaning Tips

Nothing is worse than a clogged up drain.

We’ve all been there before. That frustrating slow drain of your tub or sink. You’re standing in your shower and notice the tub is filling up with water. It’s a very frustrating situation as you work to get the water to go down. Luckily, Alpha Plumbing is here to save the day with a list of three easy drain cleaning solutions that will give you some temporary relief, or possibly solve your issue for good. If none of these solutions work, then give us a call to help you out. Here are three of the most natural drain cleaning tips to try out!

Bent Wire Hanger

This is an easy solution that works best in your tub or shower for hair clogs. What you’re trying to do is dislodge any gunk or hair and pull it out of the drain. Be very cautious to not scratch your flange or jam the wire down too hard. You could damage the trap if its fragile or old. Straighten out the wire and make a small hook at the end. Keep running it up and down your drain to unhook any hair or gunk that might be causing the clog. This is a simple drain cleaning solution that anyone can do.

Use Your Plunger

Another simple and effective drain cleaning method is to use an old fashioned plunger. These are the battle-tested tools that every homeowner should have in their arsenal. They work on just about every kind of drain and are excellent for clearing localized clogs. They have a couple of different types of plungers, but all work the same way. Make sure the plunger section is submerged. Then do a push/pull on your plunger to apply force to the clog through water pressure. Try to keep the seal while you do this to ensure you’re applying maximum pressure.

Clear Your Trap

Remove and clear your trap. This is an ideal solution when the trap is easily accessible, and the clog is localized all into one drain. This is a common culprit because it allows for the buildup of dirt or grease because of it’s design. Luckily for us, it is an easy fix. Just loosen the two slip joint nuts and slip the “J” bend outwards. Make sure you’ve got a rag or bucket to empty that gunk and water.


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