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Why You Should Replace Your Galvanized Pipes

Why You Should Replace Your Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized pipes were the standard in homebuilding for many decades, but the world has changed.

If you live in a house built before 1960, the chances are your plumbing system is made up of galvanized steel or iron pipes. Galvanized pipes were the standard in homebuilding for many decades, but the world has changed, and that means you should too. Here are a few reasons you should replace your galvanized pipes.

What Exactly Are Galvanized Pipes?

For most of the modern-day era, lead pipes were used when building most plumbing systems. Thankfully, we eventually realized that lead pipes were a giant safety hazard. Lead pipes were out, and we needed new materials. Steel and iron were reasonable alternatives, except for the fact that they rust over time. Here’s where galvanization comes in. By coating steel and iron in a protective layer of zinc, pipes no had a buffer zone against the elements. But, these galvanized pipes were not the long-term solution.

The Problems with Galvanized Pipes

As time went on, it became clear that there were a few problems with galvanized pipes. These included:

  • Rust buildup. Galvanized pipes usually are victims of corrosion and rust over time. Galvanization doesn’t stop rust. It just creates a new layer on the pipe that’s exposed to the rust first. This layer eventually wears away.
  • Possible health risks. The zinc layer in galvanized pipes often contains impurities like lead or other heavy metals. Lab tests have shown these pipes can have up to 10 times the amount of lead deemed hazardous. Once corrosion sets in, these containments can find their way into your water.
  • Rust-colored water. Once the inside of galvanized pipes has been corroded enough, iron can get inside the water, giving it a brown color.

Replacing Galvanized Pipes

The answer is simple – yes, you should consider an upgrade if your home has galvanized pipes set up. Replacing your old pipes with brand new pipes might be an expensive job, but it can save you so a lot of money in the long run. However, if your pipes seem to be in a good state at the moment and you don’t plan on settling in your home for multiple decades, you might be okay with some occasional maintenance. However, in most cases, it makes sense to replace those old galvanized pipes. Call Alpha Plumbing to assist you with any pipe replacement jobs!


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