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Why You Need a Grease Trap in Your Commercial Kitchen

alpha plumbing grease trap for your commercial kitchen

Any commercial kitchen must install a grease trap to properly handle the disposal of fat, oil, and grease that enters their plumbing system.

For those people who have never worked in a commercial kitchen, it is easy to assume that it is just a bigger, fancier, faster version of what they’ve got at home. That’s really not accurate, however. One of the many things that separate a commercial kitchen from a residential one is the plethora of rules and regulations that the commercial kitchen must follow. These are in place to keep everyone safe, from customers to employees, especially the rules about kitchen cleanliness. When it comes to keeping your commercial kitchen clean, a grease trap can play an important role. Read on to learn why you need one in your commercial kitchen.

Follow Rules and Regulations

While there may not be a state or local law specifically mandating grease traps, almost all areas require commercial premises to manage all of their waste. You would never open your front door and dump your unbagged trash on the sidewalk, and flushing FOGs down the drain is no different. FOG stands for fats, oils, and greases, which are the leftovers of most cooking processes. A grease trap is sometimes also called a FOG interceptor. 

A grease trap is a steel, rectangular device that sits at the junction between the main sewer line and the commercial disposal system and traps FOGs before they enter the city sewer system. Essentially, your wastewater flows in, and the FOGS float to the top (they’re less dense than water), and any food solids in the wastewater sink to the bottom. The system allows the remaining wastewater to flow into the sewer system, leaving the FOGs and food solids behind. We have a great visual here that shows the process!

Protect the Environment and Your Plumbing

This process is incredibly important for both your plumbing system, the municipal system, and the environment. FOGs can cause huge problems, contributing to the rapid formation of clogs. They can also kill plants and aquatic creatures if the fats, greases, and oils enter the local waterways. 

Maintain with Professional Service

For a grease trap to work correctly, you need to have it cleaned out when it fills up. Some people assume this is a job that you can DIY, but you should have a professional do the work. They have the technology and expertise to do the job correctly and quickly. Most cleaning services are not expensive, and by ensuring the cleaning is done right the first time, you save yourself the hassle and expense of correcting any damage a novice might cause. It is always worth it to have a grease trap professionally installed and maintained.


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