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Having Issues With Your Main Sewer Line? Lookout For These Signs

When most people have nightmares about plumbing disasters, they take the shape of burst pipes in the walls in winter or busted water heaters unnoticed in the basement. Nightmares about problems in your main sewer line are equally terrible. Luckily, if you’re on the lookout for these signs of a major sewer line issue, you might be able to catch it before it becomes a disaster.

Alpha Plumbing Main Water Line

The health of your main water line is critical

Main Water Line Plumbing Signs

Plumbing issues are the first noticeable thing about a main sewer line issue. Frequently, these will show up as slow drainage from your household fixtures. If you only have slow drainage in one sink, tub, or toilet, the problem may be just with that fixture. If it is all of them, then the issue is likely more about your main sewer line. Similarly, a single blockage may be an isolated incident, but if you regularly have significant back-ups and jams, it is likely an issue with the main line.

Interior Signs

If you notice foul odors in your home, this could signify serious sewer line trouble. The system is designed, so those smells don’t travel back up into the house – if they do, there’s a problem somewhere in the system. Mold and mildew can also be signs of a sewer line problem (but they can also be signs of a general leak from clean water pipes). 

Exterior Signs

Finally, there are sure signs out in your yard that can indicate a main sewer line issue. Specifically, if you’ve noticed a lot of new pest activity – from flies to rodents, it could mean a crack in your sewer line. Sewage leaks can also cause squishy or spongey feeling areas to develop in your yard. Alternatively, they could also improve the growth of that area of your yard (the sewage acts as fertilizer). Finally, foundational damage like cracking could result from sewer line issues.


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