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What to Know About Sinkholes and How to Fix Them

What to Know About Sinkholes and How to Fix Them

Alpha Plumbing’s sinkhole repair experts have taken some time to help answer the most common questions people have regarding sinkholes.

Sinkholes are no myth, and they have become a rising issue all around the country. As more and more sinkhole issues arise, it is crucial for homeowners to understand what exactly causes them and the risks so they could safeguard their families and homes. Alpha Plumbing’s sinkhole repair experts have taken some time to help answer the most common questions people have regarding sinkholes. Read on to learn more and how to fix them!

What Causes a Sinkhole to Form?

As you probably know, sinkholes are a shocking and dangerous occurrence. Reports of sinkholes swallowing homes, vehicles, and more are terrifying. However, sinkholes that are that bad only make up around 1% of sinkholes that are really detected. Sometimes sinkhole activity could sometimes be a tiny situation that might never be detected, or it could cause a hairline crack within your wall. Groundwater can play a big role in the sinkhole development process. Not only does it contribute to your downward soil erosion, but it can dissolve limestone over time, leading to a process known as solutioning. This is more prominent in subterranean zones with preferential paths that concentrate water flow and in areas where groundwater volumes are high.

How Difficult is it To Locate a Sinkhole?

Solutioning of limestone is a sluggish process that might occur in smaller areas within the limestone unit, which means an even smaller spot of the ground surface could be affected. There are various methods for sinkhole testing, but there are a few signs you can look out for. If you notice any types of cracks in your pavement, foundation, ceiling, walls, or floors, or if you have heard of any sinkhole activity in your area, you should look for a professional engineer’s evaluation. There is data available to homeowners, so make sure to get in touch with the professional plumbers from Alpha Plumbing if you need help.

How Hard is it to Fix a Sinkhole? Is it Difficult?

The short answer to this question really depends on the size of the sinkhole. Engineering opinions will all vary as to which combination of remediation techniques should be used and to which extent each should be used for every situation. Typically, you can use three common remedies for sinkhole repairs, including compaction grouting (deep soils), chemical grouting (shallow soils), or structural underpinning. Alpha Plumbing has the necessary tools, equipment, and experience to deal with any potential sinkholes that you might be experiencing.


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