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What These Common Water Issues Mean for Your Home’s Plumbing

What These Common Water Issues Mean for Your Home’s Plumbing

There are different factors that could be in play for some sketchy water issues in your home’s plumbing.

Does your home’s water taste or look a little weird? Even if your city or town’s water supply passes federal water standards, you still can have problems with your water’s clarity, taste, and flavor. There are different factors that could be in play for some sketchy water issues in your home’s plumbing. Unclog the mystery on a few common water issues and solutions, and read on to learn more!

Hard Water Issues

Hard water is commonly defined as having high mineral content, otherwise known as calcium and magnesium. The common issues associated with hard water are dry skin, scaling, appliances, or plumbing systems that don’t last as long as they should. Removing any water stains and scale from sinks, appliances, tubs, or toilets can be expensive, and it typically involves strong chemicals. To find out if your water is truly hard, a home test or call to a water softener company to test the water might be some solutions. A water softener is a fix for this problem.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water in your tap usually means that there are varying amounts of dissolved or suspended solids that are present, otherwise known as turbidity. A home water test from professionals can measure turbidity and provide recommendations on how to address the problem. While some turbidity is natural, it could be caused by land disturbances like storms, construction, or urban runoff too.

Chlorine Water Issues

Chlorine has been used within public water systems since the 1850s to help prevent the spread of disease. However, once the water reaches your house, chlorine is not necessary. A lot of people cannot stand the smell or flavor or chlorine in their tap water, and there are a few home systems that can be installed to remove chlorine. Alpha Plumbing can help straighten out your water system if there is any chlorine in it.

Foul Tasting and Smelling Water

Three common scents and tastes include earthy, metallic, and “rotten egg.” When your water tastes or smells any of these, it is usually the sign of algae. Rotten egg scents are associated with hydrogen sulfide. Iron, copper, zinc, and manganese can cause the metallic taste. Too much of these minerals in your water can be bad, so give us a call right away if you experience any of them in your water.


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