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What Makes Sewer Cleaning So Complicated?

What Makes Sewer Cleaning So Complicated?

Sewers are not the easiest thing in the world to clean up.

Sewers are not the easiest thing in the world to clean up, which is why professionals shouldn’t always be the ones doing it. While you might not be able to see your home’s sewer status, we can almost guarantee that unless you get it cleaned consistently, it has years of build-up that needs a serious cleaning to remove. Sometimes, homeowners get confused as to why plumbers carry high-tech equipment like video camera inspection tools or hydro jets. Once you have gotten a glimpse as to how complicated sewer cleaning services are, it will start to make more sense. Let us get into a few fundamental issues that come with sewer cleaning. Read on to learn what makes sewer cleaning so hard for most homeowners.

What is the Issue?

What is stopping you as a homeowner from going to your sewers and cleaning them yourself? After all, you clean your kitchen and bathroom all the time. This is untrue, though. Your sewer system is hard to reach from the start. It is located deep under your home, and some areas are almost inaccessible for a homeowner without unscrewing any pipes and risking the overall integrity of your plumbing system. That is why a lot of professional solutions include an auger that can fit into your lines. We clean them without having to be in them, which is something an average homeowner can’t do. Also, sewers are typically covered in years of build-up where conventional cleaning methods would not work. Even if you took apart your sewer system and started to scrub it, it would take you days to make a dent in this type of grime.

The Hydro Jet

One big solution to these sewer problems is through a hydro jet. It is a powerful water jet system that is attached to the end of your plumbing auger. It can be lowered into your sewer system and unleashes pressurized water to the point of removing basically anything inside. Forget about hazardous chemicals, sharpened tools, or even the thought of replacing your sewer pipes because of a clog. Hydro jets are powerful enough to remove even the most built-up, solidified grime in your sewer system. There is a clean solution to a very messy problem: environmentally efficient and friendly. What is better than using plain water to clean out your plumbing system without any extra effort?


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