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How Your Running Toilet Might be Draining Your Bank Account

How Your Running Toilet Might be Draining Your Bank Account

Blockages and burst pipes aside, one small breakdown that can cause problems is a running toilet.

For an easy mechanism that does not tend to change that much, there are a few fair things that could go wrong with your toilet. As it is a crucial addition to any home or business building, this is something you will want to get fixed immediately. Blockages and burst pipes aside, one small breakdown that can cause problems is a running toilet. This occurs when your toilet does not seem to know when enough is enough and keeps itself in a consistent state of flushing. This can make some noise or none at all, but either way, it is bad news for all of your water bills, as it is essentially like leaving your tap on constantly. This can cause your bills to shoot through the roof. Read on to learn why your running toilet might be draining your bank account.

Diagnosing the Issue with Your Running Toilet

When a toilet is constantly running, it might make a sound, specifically, the noise heard right after a flush. The difference here is that it will not stop, making it a nuisance in many different ways. If your water bills are still very high and your toilet seems alright, you might still have to dig deeper. Your first step should be to turn the water in your bathroom off to prevent consistent water wastage. To test that certain things are wrong with your toilet, you will have to turn it back on, but in the meantime, it will save you water and money on your bill.

When it comes time to investigate, turn on your water, take off the cover at the very top of the toilet and take a look inside. There should be a smaller opening known as the “flapper’, when the toilet is finally flushed, a tank of water is deposited into the bowl. Usually, a running toilet is caused by its flapper being stuck open, and therefore it is constantly demanding more water.

Simple Fixes

With the issue confirmed, you will have to take steps to remedy it before your water bill skyrockets. The easiest method is to reach in and close the flapper with your hand. If the chain inside is caught up, straighten it out and make sure that it isn’t holding the flapper open. If the situation is a bit too fire, you might need a new flapper entirely too. They’re inexpensive and small, so dislodge it and find a newer replacement at your local hardware store.

If that didn’t work, check your water line. The system will always be demanding more water if there is not enough inside, so find the water valve and then make sure it is turned the entire way. The water should fill and fix up your plumbing issue.

Professional Assistance with Your Running Toilet

At times, the core issues might simply be caused by failing and old equipment. A flapper might be an easy thing to replace, but other parts might not be, which is why it is never a bad idea to call a professional plumber for help.


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