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3 Reasons You Should Add a Garbage Disposal to Your Kitchen Sink

3 Reasons You Should Add a Garbage Disposal to Your Kitchen Sink

Adding a garbage disposal to your kitchen sink is a super convenient upgrade!

The kitchen is called the heart of the home since it is where many families congregate each day to share meals. With the amount of cooking and food preparation occurring in the average kitchen, food scraps are bound to pile up. Most of these will end up in the trash can for those homeowners who do not have a garbage disposal in their kitchen sink. However, this means that all of the biodegradable waste from your kitchen is going to a landfill with the rest of the waste. While food waste typically cannot go down the drain, a garbage disposal can help break down all that waste. Here are three reasons you should add a garbage disposal to your kitchen sink.


A garbage disposal allows for much easier and quicker clean up after cooking, which promotes an overall cleaner kitchen environment. Since your food scraps are not sitting in the trash can all week, using a garbage disposal for food waste can eliminate stubborn odor problems in your kitchen and even keep a considerable amount of trash out of eyesight. Plus, storing food waste in traditional trash bins and bags can attract pests, including insects and rodents, which can cause larger issues in your home. Eliminating the food waste will discourage pest infestations and allow for a much healthier home environment.

Easy Maintenance

A garbage disposal is a fairly simple mechanism, which will not need to be regularly maintained by a professional, unlike other aspects of your plumbing which can clog and leak when they need maintenance. With a garbage disposal, you can simply clean and maintain by regularly running baking soda and vinegar through the mechanism. This will also keep your kitchen sink smelling fresh and clear of any unsightly food trash. Plus, garbage disposals will grind your food waste small enough that it won’t cause larger problems with your plumbing that will require frequent inspection from plumbing professionals.

Environmentally Friendly

Garbage disposals run food waste through your plumbing, which will ultimately reach a water treatment plant to recycle the food waste into fertilizer or other energy resources. This diverts considerable waste from landfills, and won’t disrupt your plumbing system running smoothly. Additionally, high-efficiency disposals are very energy efficient appliances that can save you energy costs in your home by saving you water and power. To add an eco-friendly garbage disposal to your kitchen sink, just have your local plumbing professional help you select and install one–it’s that simple!


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