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Tips for Installing a Brand New Bathtub

Tips for Installing a Brand New Bathtub

Time for a new bathtub!

When you’re looking to update your bathroom, you might want to have a new bathtub. But let’s say that after hours spent scouring the Internet or multiple trips to the library, you’re still unsure what to do. Here are some tips for installing your new bathtub.

Tools You’ll Need

Before you can get started, you’ll need some tools to help you get the job done. These tools include a razor blade, flat blades, and screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches and pry bars, some pliers, a hammer, a keyhole saw, a 2-foot leveler, plus gloves for your hands, and masks for your face.

Make Room

Next, you’ll need to determine how much space you need and make room for your new bathtub. Make sure that the bathroom floor isn’t uneven. Look at the corners too, because you might need to realign them with leveler and the hammer.

Prepare the Drain

Now it’s time to prepare the drain. Without easy access to a drain, your bathtub can easily overflow. Compare how far it is from the side of the bathtub to the drain hole. A leveler and a tape measure can help you make this measurement so you won’t have to eyeball it.

Put in the Bathtub

Finally, it’s time to put in the actual bathtub. Slide the bathtub into its new location. Then you’ll need to add the back supports and make sure everything is level. The drain hole in the tub should meet where your drain is, and it should also link up with the overflow mechanism. Once you think the tub is ready to go, there’s still one more task you need to complete: You need to make sure that it won’t leak. Turn on the water and fill it as high as it can go, then leave it for half an hour. Come back and empty the tub. This step ensures your tub has a proper seal that hasn’t been broken, and you won’t have water spilling all over your floor.

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