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The Most Common Water Main Issues And How To Remedy Them

The Most Common Water Main Issues And How To Remedy Them

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More often than not, a simple plunger can’t resolve your plumbing issues. Many times, you may be dealing with a much larger issue when it comes to your plumbing system. The reality is, a common issue could have to do with your water main. Ultimately, there can be lasting damage that can occur that can be costly to fix if these issues aren’t resolved immediately. Here are some of the more common water main issues and how to fix them before they get out of hand.

A Leaky Water Valve

This is probably one of the most common issues homeowners face regarding their water main system. In fact, many different water valves are more likely to lead to leaking than others. Despite knowing what type of valve you have, it’s key to always make sure you tighten the valve as much as possible. This is the best way to make sure that the valve is secure and working properly. If the leak still bursitis, then a replacement might be needed — which can be costly. That being said, proper maintenance of your water main system can keep costs low. Ultimately, you’ll want to contact a professional plumber to make sure the leak isn’t a larger issue. 

Proper Way To Detect Leaks In Your Plumbing

Unfortunately, an unnoticed leak can lead to a myriad of issues for your plumbing system down the line. Structural damage could be the result of an unnoticed leak in your home. Waterlogged insulation and framing are not a pretty picture, and if not dealt with, it could lead to a mold issue. The reality is, you’ll absolutely want to detect leaks as soon as they arise in your plumbing system. One way to do so that is incredibly effective and efficient is to always take the time to make sure all your water pipes are truly watertight. If the leak continues, then you know there is an issue with your water main system, and you should have a professional look at your plumbing immediately. 


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