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Frequent Water Line Issues That Require Repairs

Frequent Water Line Issues That Require Repairs

It’s critical that we make sure our water lines are working.

Your water line is one of the most critical parts of your entire plumbing system. After all, it’s what delivers fresh water to your home or business in the first place and allows for all the basics like cooking, cleaning, and keeping our hygiene in check. It’s critical that we make sure our water lines are working and, if they require repairs, getting those repairs done as often as possible. To learn more about water line issues and the repairs they may entail, read on.

Bad Water Pressure

There are all kinds of causes for low pressure. It may be a clog or it could be a leak within your water line, but it could even be a problem on the municipal side of things. It’s important to determine the real cause first and foremost. Depending on the problem, you may need to repair or completely replace the segment that is damaged. The most difficult part may end up being identifying the actual problem, so bringing in a professional could be necessary.


Over time, corrosion or the loosening of pipes can cause leaks, among a whole host of other factors. Leaks should be repaired as soon as possible, so if you suspect for any reason that there may be a leak, let a pro know.

Noisy Pipes in Your Water Line

While a noisy pipe in and of itself may seem like a small issue, it can ultimately lead to bigger issues down the road. This is especially the case if it’s related to your water line, which can sometimes happen if air enters your line and creates a banging noise in the rest of your pipes. Drain your water line completely by turning off the water supply for a bit and then turning it back on, removing all the trapped air.

Damaged Pipes in Your Water Line

If your water line bursts, this is a huge issue that will need to be repaired immediately otherwise you may end up dealing with a flood. It can also happen during the colder months, where your water line may freeze and cause blockage, bursts, or leaking. If this is the case, there are products like heat tape specifically designed to clear the pipes up.


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