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The Most Common Issues with Your Gas Fireplace

The Most Common Issues with Gas Fireplaces

Repairing a gas fireplace can be tricky because it’s usually challenging to find the source of the issue.

Most people enjoy the luxury of being able to flip on a switch and “turn on” their fireplace once the weather gets cold. Just like any other home appliance, your gas fireplace is susceptible to damage, and it’s possible to run into situations when you need to have your gas fireplace repaired or even replaced. Repairing a gas fireplace can be tricky because it’s usually challenging to find the source of the issue. Here are some of the most common problems with gas fireplaces, so you know when it’s time to call a professional to assist you.

The Scent of Gasoline

If you happen to smell gas, or there is no ignition, this indicates an issue with your gas fireplace that you shouldn’t try to fix up on your own. It’s easy to notice natural gas because of its distinct “rotten eggs” scent. If you look at your piping underneath and see any obstructions, they can cause little to no flow of gas at all. This won’t turn on your gas fireplace and could lead to gas leaks. If you do smell the odor, immediately deactivate the valve, vent your home, and call a specialist.

Problems with The Pilot Light

In many types of gas fireplaces, the system won’t require any electricity to light. But, the pilot light going out will cause your fireplace to stop igniting. If this occurs, you can easily relight it. However, if the flame reignites but its pilot light won’t stay on, this signifies more complex problems that a certified expert should investigate.

Thermopile and Thermocouple Problems

The thermocouple is in older systems and is a simple metal rod between the burning pilot flame and the gas valve. When the gas must be ignited, the thermocouple is the part responsible. If it’s the source of the problem, it might have to be replaced or repositioned. Because it interacts with all other components, it has a massive impact on your gas fireplace for better or for worse. Your thermopile is a modern sensor that generates the voltage necessary to ignite any natural gas. If you notice anything odd from your home’s gas fireplace, call a certified expert from Alpha Plumbing to take a look!


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