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The Dangers of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

The Dangers of Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners damage your pipes!

Be careful when opting to use chemical drain cleaners. Although they seem to be a quick and easy solution for drain blockage, the many adverse effects of these products may not be worth the quick fix. Here are some of the danger of using chemical drain cleaners.


The main term in chemical drain cleaners is that they use harsh and often toxic chemicals to work. This is especially true for the more inexpensive, off-brand varieties. The fumes from these cleaners are unhealthy to inhale and can be irritating for the eyes, nose, and throat. They aren’t easy to get rid off as they’ll linger in the air for quite some time after use. If you must use this option, keep the area well ventilated to help fight against the associated toxicity.

Pipe Damage

Chemical drain cleaners can cause irreparable damage to your pipes. Although they are meant to clean your pipes, over time the chemical properties in the clean will eat away at the pipe itself. One of the main ingredients in chemical cleaner is hydrochloric acid. This is a very strong ingredient that is known for having a pungent smell and for being highly corrosive. Although there are many applications where such an ingredient is quite useful, it’s not a good match for your pipes as its very nature will cause damage. It is also known to have ruined enamel and other finishes if splashed on other elements in your kitchen or bathroom.

Bad for the Earth

Chemical drain cleaners are not friendly to the environment. The bottles themselves from these cleaners end up spending hundreds of years in landfills. The chemicals will often end up in the water, poisoning fish and other wildlife.


After all these adverse effects, drain cleaners may not even be as effective as you’d expect them to be. Before opting to use these chemicals, a better remedy is to get to the bottom of what’s causing the blockage in the first place. Cleaners often end up being temporary fixes and the problem usually persists after its use.


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