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Why is Your Sump Pump Running Constantly?

Sump Pump Running Constantly

A sump pump constantly running could be the prelude to a larger problem.

If you find that your sump pump is running all of the time without a break, it could be either a good or bad thing depending on whether or not it is pumping out water. Even if it turns out that it is pumping water, consistent running may indicate that your pump’s capacity is closely matched to the flow of ground water, which may be cause for some concern. If the ground water flow increases a little bit, your sump pump may not be able to keep up,  causing flooding or even the failure of the machine itself. Is your sump pump is running constantly? There are a few things you should check out.

Is It Pumping Water?

This should be the first thing you should check on a constantly running sump pump. Check to see whether the pump is operating at or near full capacity. Sometimes, sediment can interrupt the normal flow of water or the impellers in the pump can be corroded by it making them less effective. During the winter, the discharge can become blocked by frozen water.

Consider the Ground Water Volume

If everything seems to be in order with your sump pump, the next thing to check ought to be the ground water which is getting in. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to add more pumping capacity or backup pumps. If the volume of ground water is closely matched to your pump’s capacity, this may be the only option available to decrease your risk of a basement flood. You can also run a test during a dry period to check the level at which the pump is activating. Perhaps raising this pumping level may be the ticket to easing the burden of your constantly running sump pump.

Other Water Proofing Options

Outside of adding pump capacity and backup pumps, a more long-term solution may be using landscaping to regrade your property and divert groundwater flow away from your home. These passive measures are more expensive than simply adding more sump pumps, but they are much more effective, long-term fixes.


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