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Recognize the Causes of Gas Leaks

Natural Gas Flame Gas Leaks

With natural gas powering many of the heating elements of our homes, it’s important to recognize the signs of gas leaks.

Homeowners with gas piping to their appliances know just how important it is to their overall well-being. Stoves, water heaters, heating systems, and fireplaces can all run from natural gas and make life more comfortable for you and your loved ones. However, sometimes gas leaks can develop in your piping. Often, these problems can go unnoticed since some gasses, such as carbon monoxide, are colorless and odorless. Gas leaks can be a major problem that can increase the chances of fire or an explosion, and can even cause death due to carbon monoxide poisoning. What are some of the most common causes of gas leaks in a home?

Faulty Appliances

As mentioned above, many common household appliances can use natural gas or propane in order to create heat. These appliances will grow older and eventually the seals that connect the piping to them will corrode, causing a gas leak. Appliances that ignite gas using a spark, such as stoves or laundry machines, may not be able to ignite that gas anymore, and gas can escape into your home if someone forgets to turn the gas knob off.

Faulty Piping

Gas leaks can also be caused by faulty piping. Just as appliances and your water plumbing pipes are subject to the wear of time, so too are the pipes that bring the gas into your home from the outside. Loss of seals and normal wear and tear can cause a gas leak in your home.

Poor Ventilation

In addition to natural gas and propane, carbon dioxide may also leak into your home as a result of malfunctioning exhaust fans or through poor ventilation. Large home appliances use an exhaust system to vent carbon dioxide, the byproduct of the burning of natural gas and propane, out of the home. If the system malfunctions or the chimney becomes clogged, this carbon dioxide may leak into your home which can be a major problem.

If you suspect that you may have a gas leak, contact a professional plumbing company right away. The safety of you and your loved ones is at risk!


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